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My name is Marianne Upham, I am based in Ilminster, Somerset. UK

I am a small hobby breeder who has always enjoyed the companionship of cats.

I was introduced to “Turks” when my late parents lived in Turkey and we were “temporary owners” of Fluffy a pure white Turkish Van Cat.

Unable to bring her back to UK we brought home a “bin cat” – Canavar. When he died aged 18yrs I wanted another Turkish Cat and in 1994 I obtained my first pedigree Turk…..named Kedi.

Within a few months I was addicted and decided to consider breeding these beautiful unique cats. Nearly 20 years on I still breed the occasional litter.

What a mistake that decision was (to my bank account)!

I chose to breed auburn and cream Turkish Van, which are the original colours accepted by the
GCCF the organisation I register my cats with. Over the years other colours have been recognised, but I prefer to continue breeding with the former two colours

Auburn (13d) and Cream (13d7)


To reduce inbreeding, like a few other Turk breeder’s in UK  I  realised there was a need to import cats from abroad because the UK gene pool is so small. Importing ensures my kittens are fit and healthy with a low inbreeding ratio. 

Before importing I thoroughly research a potential cat’s ancestry ensuring to the best of my ability the cat’s heritage originates from mainland Turkey, not Northern Cyprus.

All my import’s have 5 generation registered pedigree’s, (recognised by GCCF) when they arrive with me, with as few as possible related cats in their lines.

My cats are much loved pets – anything else is a bonus. As such they all enjoy living an indoors (including my stud cats). None of my cats live in pens.
Their welfare and wellbeing is my priority

Both the entire boys and the girls/neuters have access to their own separate fully enclosed outside run, which they can access during the daytime hours. They love using these runs to watch the birds / frogs and other animals which enter our back garden. It amazes me to find on occasion, “presents”which they bring & expect me to praise them for! They must be very resourceful to catch these critters.

Although I no longer own a dog, I can without hesitation say Turks are happy to share with a dog providing they are introduced gradually.  My cat’s adored Jan my late Rhodesian Ridgeback who sadly was p.t.s. in 2012 at the grand age of 15yrs. He is sorely missed.

I usually have 2-3 litters each year, Yenicizgi kittens require indoor homes as I feel they are too precious to risk loosing due to avoidable diseases / theft / poisoning or road accidents


If you have any queries please email or phone me

01460 54401


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